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  1. But then they would be ripping off VALVe! :P
  2. I would imagine that the largest map number would be the upper limit of an integer of whatever flavour Notch decided to use. Knowing him, probably a signed single-precision floating point, but whatever.
  3. I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question. - Charles Babbage
  4. And that is why I insist that when done right PC gaming is superior to console gaming. It's also why I get just a little peeved when games are not published for PC, or if they are, only as a stripped-down mess of un-elitism.
  5. Oh, I wasn't surprised, per se. Just thinking about all of the other stuff that must be out there. And then wishing I hadn't.
  6. Re: Notch has an..................interesting sense of humor A teraquad could mean 4 bits X 10^40, like a teranybble. However, I also cringe at fake science words. You've got to take the rough with the smooth I suppose.
  7. Re: Notch has an..................interesting sense of humor I was indeed talking about your "obviously-fake-star-trek-math jargon". It's still mildly painful.
  8. I may be able to build/extra as a technician if you need it. I could do with a decent bit of PvP. When would you be building? I'm usually okay, though with semi-frequent breaks for RL stuff, from about 6pm BST (I live in the UK) weekdays and a fair bit of the weekend, but I'll possibly be rather pushed for time over the next few weeks with final A2 exams and whatnot. I can't really do any voice work though. I'm fairly proficient with Lua, so if you need some coding done, give's a shout. Some thoughts: Will this use RP frames? They could make for some pretty awesomesauce rigs. I've been playing with the idea of making a Minecraft 3D animation (I'm not that great. I've never even released anything yet, so if you don't want it I will not take offence at all) and if you wanted me to, I could do a last-episode recap or something. I'd need to get the textures first though, obviously.
  9. Should I turn the volume down when I watch that? I feel it could be rather loud.
  10. I'll take pity on you, though a small amount of reading wouldn't have hurt. This is not going to happen owing to a rather...unfortunate attitude. (Ellipsis there, T_DM). If you really want to find out just how unfortunate, I suggest you register on the BTW forums and tell them how much you love Technic. Wear asbestos, the side effects are much more pleasant than the burns you'll get.
  11. Re: Notch has an..................interesting sense of humor My head hurts. Not because I don't understand Jay?'s post, but because I'm pretty sure that it's the worst case of made-up-nerd-speak EVER.
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