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Updating Mod and Keeping Old Map Progress


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I spun up my first Minecraft server and am now trying to apply the latest update, however, I do not know how to keep my old progress...


How can I keep my world progress and use the new Attack of the BTeam update?

What files do I need to move/keep and where are they?



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Everyone has their own methods, but the way I do it is this;

  1. Shut down the currently running server.
  2. Rename the current server folder (ABTeam becomes ABTeam2 - this is so I have an emergency backup I can restart at any given time if necessary)
  3. Install the new server in a new folder (now there's no folder called ABTeam, I tend to use that for the new one)
  4. copy the world (player info, world info) and the DIM folders (quantum info) from the old ABTeam2 folder into the new ABTeam folder.
  5. Run the server bat, watch the error messages for anything exciting.  If it didn't start then chase down why, otherwise continue.
  6. Log into the server, fly around and look for any obvious problems quickly.  If there aren't any then you're done - this is your old world on the new server environment.

There are a bunch of extra things I do after this, but at that point you'll be good.  This stuff is all related to the customization I have (every sysop will have their own version of stuff they do here).

  1. Shut down the currently running server.
  2. Check config files, apply changes to config files for bans, disabled items, different behaviour or extra functionality.
  3. Disable or remove mods.
  4. Run the server again just to make certain it's still OK to start up, then shut it down.
  5. Install MCPC+ (to allow me to use bukkit plugins easily)
  6. Copy in the plugins directory from the old ABTeam2 directory to the ABTeam directory (MCPC+ and the plugins should only do things the mods don't do so there shouldn't be any difficulty or changes here beyond the copy)
  7. Run the server again to make sure it starts up, log in and test a couple of protected regions to make sure they're operating correctly.
  8. Open the server back up to the world so the players can get back to destroying it. :|
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