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ATOB SERVER (Whitelisted)18+Australia

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Hey just got bored playing by my self so apply and it is hosted by my internet im keeping it small so onley 5 ppl i will need your IGN SKYPE if have And y would u like to join my server




1. Most important: No rule bending; a rule is a rule, no excuses

2. Have FUN
3. RESPECT Others
- No Bullying
- No Griefing
- No Stealing
- Don’t make fun of another player’s creativity
4. Player vs. Player
- Only if both players/parties agree to battle
- Taking a killed player’s grave is not permitted
- Respect their decision if they choose not to fight
- Friends messing around and killing each other is permitted
5. Don't ask for things like TP, Op, Time set, etc. (it’s not happening, this is a survival server of fairness)
6. NO Spam
- No excessive chat entries within a certain amount of time
Don’t type anything irrelevant and unneeded
7. Advertising
- Don’t mention other servers/IPs
- Posting on YouTube is allowed


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Name: Harrison R O Curtayne
IGN: Zail Tam
Skype: n/a
Age: 26
My friends and I have recently started playing Minecraft again and even started our own server, however, nine times out of ten when i try to join our server it is unable to join it. I don't know if this is a problem on our end (my friend that own's the server has been making tweaks to AotBT mod files) or if the host site for the server is just really bad. I'm a very dedicated builder IG and enjoy the possibility's added with this mod pack. All in all I just really want the ability to be able to just jump online and know I'll be able to play with people and help them if i can. 
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Name: Tymias (Rest is private for now) but just Ty is fine.

IGN: hokeypokey_ty

Age: (I hope just because i am a couple years under that it doesn't mean i can't join. I am still very good at this mod pack and vanilla minecraft.) 14

Skype: (I prefer t/s if it is available.) hokeypokeyty


I am unable to find a working Australian hosted server for me to join, and of course me being 14 I can't buy one myself.

So i found myself viewing this webpage and thought, why not? I am making this application, knowing everything, like the fact that you are reading this even though you will say no I can't join. :P


C ya in game. 


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IGN: ALD0003 And Spiraxal
Skype: Ethan.Aldridge
Why you would add me?: I Would love it if you added us because we are trying to start a new Attack of the B-Team Series for youtube and we need a small whitelisted Australian server. We haven't found any good Australian servers so far so we are applying for this one.
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IGN: bro_elanda

Age: 20

Skype: andre elanda

experience : 5 months

Reason to join : I've been looking for AotBT server for months, unfortunately the server location's too far away (Im in Indonesia) which's close to this server. I hope you can acc me to the server. I love to play games together, a bit prank and pvp.


Please respond my app ASAP and let me know if you acc me in the server.


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