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  1. -Minecraft IGN? GiantMidget27 -Age?19 soon -Skype name? akram.kimooz -Friendly? they say so and I enjoy this modpack a lot too.
  2. IGN: GiantMidget27 Skype :akram.kimooz Age:17 Why would i like to join your AOTBT server : Because i love the modpack and i wish to experience it with a community whom i know that wont grief or power abuse.
  3. IGN: GiantMidget27 age: 17 language:English favourite mod: AOTBT Why do you want to join ?:I love AOTBT but it gets boring at single player therefore i want to play multiplier but all public servers lag and have childish community
  4. IGN- GiantMidget27 Age-17 Why you Want to Join-I love attack of the bteam and would like to play with people Got Skype(optional)?-yes If so then Username (I need to send IP)-skype username : akram.kimooz
  5. Name : Akram Username: GiantMidget27 Skype : akram.kimooz Age : 17 2 reasons why do i like to play AOTBT : ​​ It is a a great modpack with a lot of stuff that you can do and enjoy minecraft in many different ways. AOTBT is an amazing modpack that is quiet good but it gets way better with people to play with.
  6. IGN:GiantMidget27 Why you should be accepted?:I am friendly and love having fun and making jokes and would like to explore AOTB with people and a mature community. What mod do you plan to focus on?: Fossil and archeology /advanced genitics / necromancy. What do you like to do in Minecraft/AOTB: I love exploring and finding new stuff and building nice structures
  7. Minecraft Name:GiantMidget27 Skype Name:akram.kimooz Age:17 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10):4 Favorite Mod:necromancy Do you plan to record? No What do you like to do in Minecraft? Survive , explore and build Why do you want to be in this server?To play with people in a server that I can learn more about my favourite mod and communicate with a grown up and friendly community. What else should we know about you? I've got exams and I'll finish 23/6
  8. unfortunately I dont have friends who play minecraft that's why I suffer :/ . But I can join any other group that need another player.
  9. ign's:GiantMidget27 skype:akram.kimooz why you wan't to join:I wish to try the mod with nice people and a nice community because single player gets boring what do you plan on doing:play and have fun with others how often will you play: daily around 3 hours minimum ages of you and your teammates:17 extra comments (optional):I have exams so I wont play regularly untill 23/6 after then im free Gender:male
  10. IGN: GiantMidget27 Skype :akram.kimooz Age:17 Why would you like to join the server?: i would like to play attack of the b team with other people and in a friendly server. Also i wanna try playing with being assure my stuff is safe. Why would other people want you to be on the server?: I'm friendly , willing to help and always happy to communicate with people and have a good time. I'm still a learner not an expert but i will be happy to play on your server
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