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Falling forever: my connection is the issue

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Firstly I'd like to thank you for helping.

Secondly is there anyone who'd be willing to add me on skype and walk me through fixing this? I have tried googling every possible solution and nothing has worked.



When I join a tekkit server made and hosted by my girlfriend, I spawn in and fall forever. Or what seems like forever. Eventually I stable out and see all the terrain. But everything is unresponsive. I Try opening chests, and I get nothing. About a minute later every chest I tried opening, opens all at once in quick succession.

Other friends are able to connect and play on the server just fine. When I bring the EXACT same PC to my girlfriends house, I'm able to play with 0 problems.

I've reinstalled 2 times.

Obviously a connection issue.
I port forwarded 25565
I disabled all firewalls on my computer AND router.
What am I missing? there has to be something.
I play league of legends no problem.
Titanfall no problem.
EVERY other game has no problem but minecraft.

I can play every other game completely fine.. so i dont think its a hardware problem. It was fine the other day. I turned off my firewalls, reset the router and it worked for a day. but now its back to doing it again.

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What do you mean that you port forwarded 25565? That is only something you would do if running the server, unnecessary for a minecraft client.


But I know what you mean about the falling and initial lack of response. I often get that when connecting to a server that someone is running on a cable connection. It may be even worse for someone connecting to that server in Phoenix from down under (Australia).

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Get a better connection?

If you know it's a connection issue, and you cannot improve the connection, you could still try to connect with short render distance and see if things improve. The server will not need to send you so many chunks at the start, which might alleviate the problem. You can always try and increase the distance once the connection is stable.

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Thats the thing, my connection plays league of legends perfectly with less than 100 ping.. all shooting games just fine.. its JUST MC. 

i just tried the render thing.. and nothing.. Same issue.

I feel like its a setting in my router thats keeping it from being ok. I'll mess with settings in my router... itll work for a day then stop working again

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I daresay that a Minecraft server will send you significantly more data than most other online games, thus making it a bandwidth rather than a latency issue. Your ping just measures latency.

Still, any half-decent DSL connection should have plenty of bandwidth for this, so you are probably correct to suspect your router. It may be doing some kind of traffic shaping / quality of service that messes with your game, or just have a malfunction.

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Something you can try (in this specific case something your girlfriend can try because she hosts the server):


You can set the amount of world data the server sends to the clients, measured in chunks in each direction of the player. 


In the server folder is a file called server.properties with some keys to configure some basic server settings. On of these keys is called view-distance which is set to 10 as default. (Accepts an integer value between 3-15)

You can edit this file with a basic text editor (notepad for example). Try to lower the setting so the server sends less chunks to the clients. Don't forget to restart the server after changing server.properties.

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Its something on my end. Specifically the way my router connects to the server. others play on the server just fine. It might be a hamachi thing. 

Everyone who plays is on a direct tunnel. I'm on a relayed tunnel.. I've tried some things to fix that. like reinstalling hamachi

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I'm no network expert, but that sounds like your connection is being actively restricted in some way. Are you on your own connection or sharing somebody else's?

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