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[1.0.12A] TheNodeMC [PvE][100 Slots][Open][Towny][Economy]

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TheNode Attack of the Bteam
Version: 1.0.12a

IP: bteam.thenodemc.com

Website: www.thenodemc.com

  1. Do not Grief
  2. Do not Spam
  3. Do not Steal
  4. Do not Hack
  5. Keep Chat Clean

Banned Items:

  1. Dubstep Guns (Grief/Bypass/Annoyance)
  2. Entity Mover (Grief)
  3. Block Mover (Grief)
  4. Chunk Loader (Lags server)
  5. SDX (Grief)
  6. Obsidian Boot (Grief)
  7. Magnetic Force (Bypass Protections)
  8. Hammer (Statue)
  9. Volleyball Stuff (Crash)
  10. Master Wand (Grief)
  11. SPAMR Launcher (Grief)



We are a brand new Attack of the Bteam server here to bring you the best possible experience. The server is run by experienced admins who have over 3 years of server owning experience. Our server is running on Towny for protection against grief. We use LWC to provide you protection for your  chests and other valuables. We hope you  check out our server and if you do we hope you enjoy your stay!


Our server is 24/7!



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