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Machines, Magic & Middle Earth server problem


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Hello, i was not sure where to ask for help, but i was directed here by the modpack.
The problem is, that me and some of my friends recently started playing minecraft on a server, one of us is hosting.
The modpack we used was yogscraft or something, but suddenly an update came up, which switched the name of the pack to "Machines, Magic & Middle Earth". Whenever we try to join the server it says:
"forge mod loader could not connect to this server... yada yada"
I know the problem is something with the server, not being the same update as our launchers or what ever, so i guess the real question is:
How do we get the server to the same update as us, or how do we switch back to the old update?.

Im not really sure what else to say, other than we tried going to search for a new version of the server, but with no luck. Also we have been looking around the launcher and so on, for a way to switch back, also with no luck. As you probably have already figured, im not that server-savvy so i apologize in advance. I really hope someone out there got an idea of how to fix this, since we just started playing on the server, and won't be having much time to play in the near future. 


In advance, thank you :D

Also excuse my below average english.

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If that is a dedicated server, the modpack creator is the one who needs to help you. In case somebody was just hosting locally from the client, make sure you all are loading the same pack, not different ones.

Sounds like the modpack in question got messed up, so the modpack author needs to do the support.


Anyway, this here is Tekkit Discussion, so you took a wrong turn somewhere.

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