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Extra cells and magma crucible + fluid transposer


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I am just getting into ME, but I believe that you would need a Molecular Assembler Chamber to do multipart assembly. Otherwise you could put the ME Interface on the magma crucible, manually put what you need to in top slot of fluid transposer, and assuming they are connected, retrieve whatever comes out of the fluid transposer to a chest with an import bus.


Note, when working with fluids do not use a basic Storage Bus on any chest, other than ME chest with preformatted storage (DSU that already has something in it is no problem). Otherwise the chest may fill with miscellanious items including liquid blocks. I ended up with 2 diamond chests filled with mob essence blocks. To get it out I left the basic storage bus in place (fluid storage bus did not work on a chest) and after putting most of the mob essence into drums and portable tanks, sucked the liquid blocks out of the chests with a Fluid Export Bus into a drum. Apparently liquid takes plenty of fluid storage cell space. I am guessing that a 4K cell holds 1024 buckets because I could not empty a 256 bucket drum into the interface when holding over 900 buckets. So until I make a bigger cell, whenever a liquid goes over 256 buckets, I stash it in a drum and store it as an item (biofuel and mob essence at this time).

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This probably isn't the most efficient way but it works for me:


I decided not to use extracells and just use my ME system with a crucible and transposer to craft the liquid redstone/enderium/glowstone as needed. This is pretty complex but I will do my best to explain it without screenshots or video.


This is my example for Redstone Energy Conduits, but you can substitute whatever you want (tessaracts, energy cells, glowstone illuminator) just make sure you have figured out the appropriate ore ratio. For instance it takes 4 redstone ore per energy conduit, 10 redstone ore per energy cell frame, 4 enderpearls per Tess., etc. (consult NEI for numbers). This is important because you don't want left over liquid in the transposer. It will eventually build up and cause problems. Unless of course you use a separate crucible and transposer per liquid. ;o)


I started by setting up an Me interface next to a chest. In the interface I set the following recipe (per ME Encoded Pattern) 4 redstone ore plus redstone energy conduit frame = filled redstone energy conduit. From here, This will pump 4 redstone ore and an energy conduit out of your ME system into the chest. Next I then used itemducts to extract (via servos) from the chest into the cruicible and transposer. Just make sure to configure the servos to whitelist just what you want going into the cruicible (redstone ore) and transposer (energy conduit frame). What I did was set up the transposer right next to the crucible with the cruicible autoejecting into the transposer and an ME Input port on the transposer to input the final product back into the system.


You can also use this setup to auto craft buckets of redstone/enderium/glowstone but it is slightly more complex as you will have to use a separate ME interface/chest combo per transposer/crucible per liquid, due to the need of having the empty bucket. If that makes any sense at all.


What I did was just set up two different systems. One to craft everything EXCEPT filled buckets and another system unique to each liquid to craft buckets into the ME system.


Hope that helps some! Sorry, I know it's confusing...

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