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Cant find thermal ids and growable ore changed id's STILL conflict?

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I have tried checking my mods folder for "thermal" anything and no cfg goes by that name for me to edit the ids so I tried editing growable ores id's instead but even if i change them it STILL says the growable ore id (that i changed in the growable cfg) is still occupying thermals id's... 


"slot 4071 is already occupied by growable ore reed @44e37222 when adding thermalexpansion fluidblock fluidender"


Idk how I did it once but when I changed 4072 (because it was also occupied)  I got it to go away but now again is 4071


How can I fix it so I can use both? :/


if you need a pastebin I can add it later but I feel I left enough info to be clear on my problem... 


I already have idfixminus btw


i have tried the latest growable

i have also tried 1.6.0 which was supposedly supposed to fix conflicts

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