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Bug de mods


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Can you help me please. When I go on the attack of the B-team of my friends server it marks me loging in and then the game tells me that I do not have the mod is not MicroBlock installed and when I go to mod tab in the menu this mod is installed. Please help me

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always make sure you have the right modpack build installed vs the modpack build the server runs by clicking the cog-wheel button below the modpack icon on the right side of the launcher window.


If that still fails, post the issue on the Tracker. Follow the Tracker Rules and Guidelines and post the log

Error logs can be found when clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window.
If you can't open the launcher the logs can also be found inside %appdata% -> Roaming -> .technic -> logs

Paste the content on pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com and give the link.

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