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!Welcome to CorratzInc!




I have some exciting news for you tekkit loving players, I am an experienced player and I know what people needs to have fun and that's what I've done with this server everything is optimized to the players comfort and if you want any changes you can tell me the owner or any staff

member who'll be recruited shortly.


The sever is currently being up and Im planing on having it running for as long as I can.

The server is up 24/7 and Im going ot keep it that way :)

We got some amazing donation features and more cool stuff coming up in the future.



For everyone's comfort I've created a few rules to keep on having fun, if this is not a sever for you then please do not join it because you might ruin for the other players.

The server rules will be found when you first spawn in the server (sorry for no pictures) and you can read them in there so I don't really want to make the effort to acctualy list them all here.



We got these plugins!:
















I am in need of staff and there's currently only one staff member which is the owner, so if you want to become a staff member please apply at http://CorratzInc.enjin.com


!Banned items!


I've banned as few items possible and the ones that I feel ruins the game and slows down the server and these are the ones:


Energy collectors (you can access this with the Premium donation rank!)

all Chunk loaders

Black hole band ( dupe bug )








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