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Space Stations, Big Reactors and Energy Cells


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I don't know if I am doing anything wrong, maybe this is a bug?

I have built the exact same big reactors that I ran in the overworld on a space station and surrounded it in blocks to enable it to be sealed in. 

It took fuel properly and says online but generates no power at all. Am I doing something wrong? 

Also, Energy cells when placed in a space station that is sealed (but not when no sealed) disappear. This is a nusiance as it cost me a couple of resonant cells. 

Anyway, if you unseal, place the cells and then reseal they seem to stick around and work ok. 

Is this just a limitation on big reactors (and energy cells) or a bug, or is there something I am supposed to configure that I failed to to make big reactors work on places other than the over world. 



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Actually it just happened trying to place a magma crucible and fluid transposer, so it might be a problem with all the thermal expansion stuff. I've never tried building a space station before and had hoped to move all my processing to it. 

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