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Lag in certain server spots


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this or not, I am having the strange issue that only certain spots of my server lag like crazy while others spots work just fine. I have allowed 4G of ram for the server, even at 10G the certain area i'm in lag heavily. The thing that's odd is there is another area of the server that has a lot of redstone and machines running an there are no problems there at all. Everything runs smoothly. But when I got to another area a good distance away that has only one small redstone set up and no machines everything goes haywire. One example is if I break a fully grown crop like wheat or potato the dropped items fly off in weird directions and I can't pick them up for at least thirty seconds. This issue does not exist in the area of the server with much more redstone and things running so i'm kind of stumped as to why it happens in this one area. Can anyone help?

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You'll need to install a server monitoring tool like Opis so you can see what's in the area that's taking up processing power - that only works for telling you serverside info though (if it's a lot of particles or something causing fps drops on the clientside that's something different).


Common things are minion shafts and smelteries (make sure smelteries are inside a single chunk if possible).

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