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Tekkit System Requirements


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I am trying to download the Technic Launcher and thus the Tekkit modpack for single-player, non-client, non-server Minecraft, and would like to know the system requirements.


However, so far I have been unable to find in any corner of the Internet the system requirements for the single-player Launcher or Tekkit, merely the requirements for obtaining a server or a client.


Am I misreading something, is the information just not there, or am I truly unable to play Tekkit without recourse to a server of some sort?


If anyone is able to help me, I would greatly appreciate it, and will lavish thanks upon said helper in flowery Elizabethan prose.

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There isn't really a list of system requirements, but any modded minecraft will eat a lot of ram to run smoothly.


At the very minimum you need 1gb free to dedicate to Java, 2gb would be recommended and 3+ would be ideal for those spikes like hopping between dimensions rapidly.

Make sure you have 64bit Java installed, assuming you have a 64bit CPU (which I really hope you do in this modern age)

CPU and GPU requirements are laregely the same as normal MC, though CPU benefits a lot from being a good modern 2.4ghz+ dual core or better.

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Java VM threads eat a lot of CPU too, and they are poorly multi-threaded. You are better with a faster 2-core CPU than a slower 4-8 cores.

If you will get a 'Can't keep up' message in the logs this means that the CPU is to slow. Certain game mechanics also make short CPU spikes and can give that message like visiting a jungle for the first time even under ground - laggy as hell.

At the start of your game this is what you are looking for: https://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/articles/325948-minecraft-system-requirements


When you start piping and powering your staff you are going to need a little more processing power.


Don't overdo it. Don't use excessive amounts of pipes / cables. Keep it simple. If you want to do something over vast distances use some  item / fluid / power teleporting device (not a long pipe).


Keep in mind chunk borders (I have a one-chunk base). If you need to build some machine that occupies 5x5 blocks keep it in one chunk, it will be less laggy (push F9 to see the chunk borders and another couple of times to disable it).


My worst setup was some fillers filling a part of my island with cobble. This generated a lot of block lag.


Some worlds may got corrupt and lag extremely without any noticeable cause. You can test this by making a server and put this kind of world in it and run it without players. If it's still using huge amounts of resources and gives can't keep up messages it's corrupted and needs fixing or deleting.


P.S. I've got a 4 core AMD Phenom @ 3.4GHz and 8GB of RAM but sometimes I use a 2.2GHz Intel Sandy Bridge laptop with 4GB of RAM in creative and don't see any lag at all.

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Great thanks I deliver unto thee both, for thou hast delivered me from my pit of despair! Blessings be forever upon thee!


I have a question, though: when you say 1 to 3 GB are needed for Java, is this counting or on top of the previously-existing GB devoted to Java for vanilla Minecraft?

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Unlike some other, sandwich-with-everything modpacks (looking at you, FeedTheBeast), Tekkit does actually take care to be on the frugal side when it comes to resources. It will need more than vanilla Minecraft, but any half-decent dualcore should run it fine. I advise against running it on old Pentium 4/D machines; using netbooks and anything else with Atom CPUs is probably also not a good idea.


Some mods in Tekkit tend to misbehave and cause not just slowdowns, but crashes and corruptions. Dimensional Doors is notorious for that, and I've had my share of annoyances with Galacticraft as well. The only way to avoid issues here is not using those mods actively.


A word about graphics. It may be counter-intuitive, but Minecraft in general does need a certain level of graphics processing power to render properly. I found that integrated graphics chips are often too slow to run it acceptably, at least when using lower-grade versions. I tried to run Tekkit on Intel HD2500 graphics (Ivy Bridge CPU), and it was a little to slow for me. Then I ran it on a HD4400 (comparable equivalent form the current Haswell CPU generation), and that one was acceptable. I still prefer to run it on my GeForce 750Ti, but the Intel 4400 seems to be the low end of the "works okay" scale. Consequently, I expect all recent integrated Radeon chips to run it fine as well, except the lowest-end parts.

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