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  1. Transfer nodes are a bit special, they kinda break the common rules in MC. You can make a cobblestone generator with it that gives you a stack per tick and it requires no power, just upgrades, and it also doesn't even mine out the cobble it just generates them. Water works the same, it doesn't actually 'scoop' up the water but rather generates it in itself much like the aqueous accumelator or however you spell that damn thing. They are also able to transfer more than 10000RF/t but at the drawback at it is send in packets rather than a continuous stream like conduits. So if your machine has a b
  2. If you can't log in on the launcher the first place you should look ( if you determine it is not your internet ) is http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ It saves a lot of headache
  3. Bad Login means your login token expired. 99% of the time this means you relaunched the technic launcher ( or any launcher ) with auto-login while you had the client open. This causes the client you have running to no longer have a valid login token thus resulting in a bad login. Close down minecraft and the any launcher then restart minecraft.
  4. Having had a few BSOD while running a server I found out that the most frequent thing that will prevent my world from loading is dimensional doors. Deleting the Dimensional Doors folder in the world folder caused my world to be loaded again 99% of the time. This is of course anecdotal experience, but since you mentioned it already I figured I add it for those willing to give it a try! ( faulthy HDD caused the BSODs, fixed now )
  5. Depending on whether you will allow Mystcraft to be used by people the bare minium will be 3gb, 4+ with Mystcraft, but if people start to use a lot of machinery then 4gb+ is quite recomended
  6. There isn't really a list of system requirements, but any modded minecraft will eat a lot of ram to run smoothly. At the very minimum you need 1gb free to dedicate to Java, 2gb would be recommended and 3+ would be ideal for those spikes like hopping between dimensions rapidly. Make sure you have 64bit Java installed, assuming you have a 64bit CPU (which I really hope you do in this modern age) CPU and GPU requirements are laregely the same as normal MC, though CPU benefits a lot from being a good modern 2.4ghz+ dual core or better.
  7. Doesn't even need to be fully repaired, chests for example need not nearly as much repair as boots do; just hover over the item and check the EMC value. If it is > 8192 then it gets you minium dust.
  8. I've posted this in the thread that Slayster linked, but it holds more value in here so I will throw it here with some more information: '> That is how I've set up automatic minium stone crafting. It isnt't perfect, but it works for the most part. The ME Export Busses below the two devices are only there to make sure they are always stocked up with coal, so both devices will always have 64 coal in them. The ME Interfaces in the back are of course holding the crafting recipes. The Calcinator has the recipe that turns 8 Diamonds into 8 Minium Dust, which the Import Bus on top wi
  9. I have it working now, the problem was that you need to have one 'network' of LP pipes on the interface. I forgot to add a pipe conecting the supplier and provider to the request pipe, connecting them up make it work : )
  10. I am using liquid redstone for my nether quarries ( gives a nice cool red wall ) and acts just like water, flows as fast too. Has no special effects like teleporting or trying to kill you
  11. It is better for the simple reason you can make a jetpack using potatoes
  12. I have been reading up on things that say that the LP system can provide things just fine out of the ME system, just not craft anything in AE. However after setting it up I get.. nothing.. '> Is it broken or am I just derping somewhere?
  13. There is. Look in your keybindings ( esc > options > controls ) for the WAILA keybinds
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