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New Server Idea! Need Creator!

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So I had two really cool ideas for Tekkit Classic servers. They would required 12 - 20 people but would be a lot of fun. For the first, We break up into teams of 3 and basically race to see who can get a fully functioning quantum factory, nuclear power-plant, and HUGE solar farm. There would be other checkpoints as well, but you would need to reply to me for a full list. For the second, we would get a team of 15 or 20 people to get together and be on one big team to make a civilized city with factories around every corner. The problem is, I need a host, if someone is willing to do it for me that would be great, i could even pay a one-time fee! Obviously, you would get a reserved spot on the server as well.


Thank you,


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Hi guys, I will host a twenty person server myself if enough people are willing. What it is, is a super organized 20 person factory city project where everyone has a job listed on a board from worker to owner. Ranks include worker(12), manager(3), project principal(2), co-owner(2), and owner[One(me obviously)]. To rank up you can either gain my trust, or donate. But, the first reply is a co-owner automatically. We will build an entire city of factories together.



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hi I would love to join




Why I want to join: I'm a really good at building and being a good kind of person and I am very understanding and I love community servers :)

What I want to be: Co-Owner if that's ok well that's what it says in your post

Hope to talk to you soon :)

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hi i would like to join



i prefer teamspeak (less lagg and you can turn on push to talk)

and i want to join because i like building and playing tekkit with people that are fun fun to play

i hope you do :-)

msg me

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