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Nether Portal Issues..


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So, my friend and I decided to start a server for Attack of the B Team.. We gathered our resourses and created a nether portal.. We then decided that it would be a good idea to create seperate "Bases". As I created the "base" I added a nether portal. Now everytime I go to the nether and return, I get sent to the first portal we created together instead of the one built on my own.

Note: I am a good distance away in the overworld but, the portal I build keeps taking me to the original portal in the nether..


Any help? Thanks in advance!

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This whole thing is related to how vanilla nether portals work for finding targets. If you want your own portal in the nether and for it to send you back to the correct one, you need to do the /8 rule on the overworld portal coordinates to get the location of the second to-build portal in the nether. Check the minecraft wiki for info.

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