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  1. They need 7x7 and 14 high to grow, myself iv made 21x21 and 16 high to grow them
  2. The generator produce 160 rf/t for 4 min for 1 redstone and a bit of lava, 2 generators generates enough power for the lava fabricator to produce 2x3 tanks of lava in few seconds, i filled 6 resonant cells using 35x8 redstone , plus the crazy AE machine i have that takes 80EU per tick, plus the laser drill.
  3. save courption, the only solution i found is to load the world on mc edit, re save(ctrl s), and then attempt to load the save in game
  4. Yea i used 30x8 of redstone, the lava comes from the lava fabricator using the power from the generators, to create 4.5 full resonant cells, plus free lava.
  5. So iv added extra utilities recently, and discovered how to generate 160 RF per tick using 1 stack of redstone per 240 min Basically this: '> Heated Redstone Generator outputs 160 RF per tick using 1 redstone per 4 min. My Basic setup '> (8 Generators) Outputs 1280 RF per redstone piece per 4 min with 1 lava fabricator. Anyone else thinks its op?
  6. Yea it should, need to try it out, also it happens in crack pack with the mfr machines, i assume one of the updated mods corrupt the energy conduit
  7. Its a bug, most times it caused by bugged energy reading after unloading the world(like going another dimensions), my fix? make a block placer and remover system(like autonomous activator unwrenching the machine or the cable next to it, then vacum hopper pics it and block placer places it back)
  8. First post specs and crash report Attempt to re install the game files by removing/renaming the mod pack folder Also update to the lastets java 7 64bit(http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7-downloads-1880261.html) And allocate more ram(1.5 is minimum 2+ is recommend). If the problem stays update all drivers(video card, monitor, motherboard, sound chip etc)
  9. This Read it... Just allocate more then 1GB(1.5 should be enough but 2 plus recommend).
  10. You probably have 32 bit java or outdated version(java 4-5 even 6 can cause problems) http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7-downloads-1880261.html Chose here the 64bit one and download
  11. just backup your world and tap the yes button
  12. pic please and what mods did you removed?
  13. Your structure is invalid Remake it so you have a 3x3 floor and walls around it x x xxx (derp)
  14. I almost grow one on the auto tree farm, i forgot to turn on the metadata cheek on the pneumatic servo :
  15. Both sphax and soartex are working great, im using only 1.5G and i get 70+ on max settings
  16. i think you should dive into enhanced portals 2, better then cracking you head trying to fix that
  17. Destroy the first portal(the original), then enter the new one, then re create the original
  18. Give aotb more ram, if it stays attempt to re install java(X64)
  19. Reinstall attack of the b team, you should also upload a log
  20. Just add it by yourself, they will never add it
  21. Bind more RAM to the game, around 1.5GB-2GB will be enough
  22. "Also.. it moos like crazy. :D" This reminds me, please add Extra Utility to the modpack(Sound Muffler)
  23. That's a generator that provides 360RF/tick that fits in 5x3x2 - less than 2 solar panels. I've added a nullifier on a side to get rid of the sludge (it used to slow the machines down if they filled up with sludge, dunno if that's the case) but on mars/moon you could use sludge boilers to get all sorts of resources that are otherwise not available there too if you wanted (useful if you wanted to actually move there for some reason). For a big base sure - reactant dynamos are usually what I use (with blaze spawners as they're easy to get and blaze powder is a great reactant) but even the spaw
  24. 7*7 room with grinder+observer room+energy room, not that big Im using 8 reactant dynamo with gunpowder/sugar and glowstone/redstone ,each gives me 80 per tick(80*8=640 per tick) and i have infinite source of gunpowder/sugar/sticks/creeper-heads/potions etc.
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