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Need a new uptade

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Hello, well tekkit lite needs a new uptade so bad I do play on servers and they want it really bad can you please

come back to tekkit lite and make us a new uptade on it. We have waited for so long we need theese

new uptade to come so bad, applied energetic does not have the greatest fetters but the next uptade it does and we all

want theese uptakes so can you do this for us same with so many mods and i know you guys are trying to fix the

glitches in items and all that i do see that but you can't just stop working on the mod pack and just move to another

so work on one so we can still play the same mod pack with new stuff thats all i ask for nothing more so can we plz

have the new uptade (Yes i said it at least 10 times):P thats how much we need the new uptade (11 lolz)

thats it:P thx


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The Technic team has stated multiple times that "Tekkit Lite" is frozen and will not be updated. Times have changed.


That being said, I have a 1.6.4 modpack that is essentially Tekkit Lite. Everything (with a couple notable exceptions) is just the original mods updated or switched to their spiritual successors.


JCLite: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/jclite.349189


There is even a server pack there.


Note: You CANNOT updated your Tekkit Lite 1.4.7 world to work with this pack. Don't bother trying.

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