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Transmutation Table + Overworld = Nope?

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So yeah... I recently made a tekkit classic server. Everything was fine, until I made a transmutation table. Then it kinda fell apart.

Basically, the table doesn't accept any items whatsoever. Diamonds, Iron, Nikolite, Cobble, Glowstone, Redstone. Fuel or Matter. I can place anything in, but it spits it out when i close it. I can't "Burn" anything either.

That's not even the best part. The best part is that it ONLY does this in  the overworld. The nether is fine. Do I just have to remake the entire world?

The ONLY plugins I have are essentials, and everyone else who had this problem has multiverse. Is there no workarounds?

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you might have noticed that this part of the forum gets very little traffic. The ones who play this pack doesn't visit here often.

Your best bet would be to make a report on the Tracker. Along with pictures, maybe a youtube video link?

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