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Lot's of lag.

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I've started playing this mod pack again and I've been getting random lag spikes when I play. When I did a bit of googling I just heard about lag spikes every 5 seconds, which isn't my case.

Sometimes when I'm destroying blocks my game gets a random lag spike. About half the time after that the floor around my area will vanish and I can see lava and stuff through the floor. The other half of the time my game will lag, then it will stop. I try to turn my camera to break another block, and it continues to lag through the transition. Then I will break another block to restart the process.

I tried to lower my graphics, starting by putting everything on fast/off, and putting animations all off. Then I break a block, and the floor will vanish, or my game will lag a lot, just like before. Is this a common problem? And how do I fix it?

e: I put an apostrophe for the "Lots" in the title. I'm smart.

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