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Modular Powersuit disadvantages


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Just like the tittle says.


I have a Modular Powersuit and am basically indestructible but some cave spiders can do plenty damage.

Is there a way to negate negative status effects with some suit upgrade or a different item? Only potions?


I'm going to try the Deep Dark. is there a way to negate the mindblowing effect of unstable ingots?

Only enchanted apples?

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The most obvious disadvantage is overheating. With an active cooling unit and enough heatsinks, it should take a while to overheat even a fully upgraded Powersuit, but it can and will happen. Using the Glove Railgun can overheat it rather quickly, which I learned the hard way in a Wither fight.

I even found a bug there. If you die from overheating, the variable storing the heat will not be reset, so any time you put the Powersuit on again, you will be back in overheat mode and die again within a second. Took me many tries until it was cooled down enough to be safe again. I put the issue on the tracker, but I don't expect that to be fixed.

Overheating is really nasty, as it does more damage than lava and also applies it more quickly. You don't even get the chance to discard the pieces quickly.

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isn't it so that the damage applies as long as the pieces are in your inventory?

I think you don't even need to actively wear it...


Also, remember that the advanced solar panel can create massive amounts of heat (I think this is actually a bug) had no Problems since I salvaged that module out of the suit...

Don't underestimate the water tank in such situations, as it can cool down your suit in emergency situations really quick...

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I don't know if my water tank was depleted in that particular case. The behaviour was as described.

Having the parts in my inventory did no harm, just putting any of them on. Even newly-forged empty parts (!) would immediately set me on fire again. There seems to be a global variable for overheating, and it is not correctly reset. At least I cannot imagine this to be intended behaviour.

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Didn't have any issues with overheating. Wearing advanced solar generator, cooling system, water tank.

The only thing that keeps me worm (to worm) is the kinetic generator but I'm disabling it with a keybind when travelling to the nether.

I don't use the hand tool at all. Been using flux infused tools and I'm happy with them.


What about those pesky potion effects? And the unstable ingots?

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Unstable ingots - make from unstable nuggets

Poison - kill them before they can poison you.

I thought that tekkit had a more sophisticated method for negative status effects.

As for the ingots just realized now that I can make a 'stable' unstable ingot.

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