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[1.2.9e]Detune Tekkit[PvP/PvE/Factions][30 slots][No whitelist][No mods removed][MCPC+]


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Hello! We at detune are proud to bring you a server filled with fun and freedom!


There are a few rules to follow, see below! It's pretty simple, and I got most of the rule ideas from Terra Tekkit Factions, because hey, they're good rules! Thanks John01dav! Your ideas for rules are fantastic. I agree with every one of them.


Anywho,Lets get talking business. Detune tekkit is a brand new server with no removed mods, little rules, and only a few banned items, which are as follows.


1# mining turtles


2# Sacred sapling


3# Anti personnel module


4# all florbs (Grief)


5#(misc) The rift function of the rift blade. Sorry, some people will just spam them and that's not cool, yaknow?


We have a mooshroom outside of spawn for your food needs! Bowls are not provided.


We have had players from the site of origin, Detune, on for a week or so so there are a couple structures, like the one with a force field outside of spawn.




List of plugins: Banitem, Essientials, WorldBorder (Somewhere between 5-10K on every side, the border is circular), worldedit, Factions.


The rules are: No griefing other factions If you take over territory of that into your faction, you may do as your faction leader allows (even if that is griefing)


if something is unclaimed, you must first claim it to grief it. You may claim something, grief it, then unclaim it as a fair way to get around this rule. 


Be respectful to all other players, whether or not they are staff. This includes good sportsmanship (No, admins and moderators are NOT hackers. Admins aren't allowed to spawn items for their own gain excessively. A fully powered powersuit is a nono unless it's earned.)


No hacking. This includes but is not limited to Flybots (flying armor is ok)


No exploiting. This includes but is not limited to dupe bugs, pvp-bypassing bugs, and the like.


No hate speech: EG, sexism, racism. Overly sensitive players aren't expected to stay long.


No trolling (within reason)


You may not ask for ranks.


Do not whine about things, including acts of god or staff you do not like. Crying admin abuse is a cry for banning. If you don't like something take it up with me. Contact me on skype through: Lonlynekoman. You must also apply for staff this way.


Uptime is expected to be 24/7 365/Y.


IP is

Port is 25565 if needed



We have a kind community, and we offer a forgiving and relaxing place to play minecraft. Give us a chance!



W_original.png(Our spawn! I worked hard on it!) There will be a little surprise for those who join!

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