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EE-Tools Grief Problems... Please Help!


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I have a Tekkit Classic Server (IP: play.jsftekkit.com).


I have problem with EE-Tools.

As every server owners are aware of the EE-Tools problems and I have patched most of the problems like;

1. Griefable inside protected areas - I used patch and it does not grief.

2. Charged tools discharges inside safe zones such as claimed areas or protected areas.

3. Disabled Right-Click of tools - cannot be used right click functions.


NOW, above solution 3 is problem. I do not want to disable the right click. I want to give that freedon of right click to my players but I can't! If anyone is standing non-protected area and use right-click function of tools towards protected areas, it will grief into that area.


Most of the Tekkit Classic Server where EE-Tools allowed right-click function have problem, usually server owners are not aware.

Go and try it!

Use Morning-Star and charge it fully and right click just stand outside of grief protected area into the protected area, walla, it will grief along into protected area.!


I am looking for a patch or method to stop the destructive function of right-click so it would STOP RIGHT at the border of protected (claimed) area.


Please Help!

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