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Advanced Genetics Lava Swim in Lava a bit hacky?


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The way advanced genetics and the ability to swim or not take damage in lava is a bit hacky. I have noticed that the way it keeps you alive, or allows you to swim in lava, is that it seems to constantly max out your health or set your health to a high enough level so that the damage done by the lava is so insignifcant you no longer take damage. This...is a bit hacky. People who have this gene can essentially stand in a pool of lava and be empervious from any other damage by anyone or any other thing...hence being invincible (I have not done this but I have thought of this). Anyone else that this should be fixed?

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You sure it just works by maxing out your health because you can also morph into things that don't take fire damage.

Yes it does because whenever I am low on health I just touch the lava and it restores me to full health. I have also tested with having potions of poison being thrown at me and it has effect on me on the first throw but my health gets restored instantly to full because I am in lava and then the rest of the effect does nothing. The only thing that seems to do the most damage are slimes, they can damage me a lot but after about a second or so I am healed to full again.

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