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What has changed in Tekkit in the past year?

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I see Tekkit now has forcefields, redstone tools, block movers, walruses, nuclear reactors, new spaceships, and apparently something named a "narcissistic turtle". I'm really excited to try all of these new features out, but sadly I don't have a lot of spare time. Could some kind person write up a summary of how Tekkit and its community is doing these days? I'm interested mainly in the NASA Tekkit, since Classic and Lite seem to be discontinued in favor of it.


I guess I have some specific questions too:

a) Does MFFS actually work now (in NASA)? I recall it was busted in multiplayer Tekkit Lite, apparently it still is.

B) Are the new block movers (Redstone In Motion) better than RP2 frames? Does it crash client as often as RP2 frames does?

c) What are the common banned items? Back in the day it was EE2 (almost universally), IC2 lasers and nukes (protection issues), Balkon's weapons (protection issues), computers in some servers (lag), etc.

d) Are Mystcraft and Dimensional Doors still banned in most servers or have they fixed those issues?

e) What are the best PvP gear? Last time I played NASA Tekkit there was only Modular Powersuits. Is that still the case?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi There


There are tons of comparisons between "Tekkit" (not NASA Tekkit or Tekkit Main, simply "Tekkit") and "Tekkit Lite" or "Tekkit Classic" respectively.

They were discontinued mostly due the fact most of their mods were not supported anymore in newer minecraft versions. So, well....that happens :)


To try and answer some of your question:

  • I am not aware that MFFS did not work aside from usual occuring bugs now and then. What makes you think it still is in multiplayer? Any indications?
  • Can't really say about Redstone in Motion, as I am not using it very often...however, the forums might be a indication if there are significant problems.
  • There are no commonly banned items (at least not in single player or your own multiplayer). If you refer to what other server owner might ban or not, it is hard to say. There are probably as many "open" server without banning items as there are servers with a banned list of blocks. I'd guess that the Buildcraft quarry is one of the first that gets banned...and everything that might circumvent PvP rules or land owning rules. Latter might depend on the configuration of the server and the particular mod in question (and its version), so not really easy to tell.
  • That depends on the server, so not really easy to say. There are some that allow it, some allow it only as something predefined (admin offering several "fixed" dimensions to roam, but you can not build some yourself) and some will disable it completely.
    Now, if you could say what you mean by "fixed those issues"? Are you referring to the potential lags and resource hogging?
  • Well, I would not say "only" modular powersuit...as this is pretty much the only gear (and I guess you are referring to the quantum suit, etc.) left. That makes it likely the best PvP gear.

Most of your questions very much depend on multiplayer and the server owners...and the way you like it (and how you search for servers).

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