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Costum mod server: Too Many Machines.

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Yo, minecraft forum members!
We run a little white-listed modded survival server, with our own made modpack named too many machines
But since the server is a little empty these days, we thought we could invite some freshmen. there are not many rules/requirements to join us. ( we are online 24/7 downtime will be  announced) 
Rules we enforce: 
1. No greifing  
2. No cheating 
3. No trolling 
4. No racism
6  The ops are in charge. 
7. Do/build whatever you like but if its near someone please ask permission.  

-The techniclauncher

Requesting a white-list.To Request a white list post a commend on this thread or send me a pm
The commend/pm should include the flowing things:
-Your mc name
-Your age
- What your main occupation is in minecraft
- Which country your from
-Why you would like to join us

Techniclauncher modpack link:

Not Enough Items
Backpack mod
MineFactory Reloaded
Nether Ores
Universal Electricity
Thermal Expansion
Big Reactors
Extra Utilities
Food Plus
Inventory Tweaks
Iron chest mod
Logistics Pipes
Modular Powersuits
Power Converters
Restone In Motion
Balkon's WeaponMod
Forge Microblocks
Server ip:

We would like to have some new people coming in!
See ya around! 

-The too many machines staff. 

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My name is Cameron, but my in game name is Sabakugaara8. I'm 17 years old, and I live on the west coast of the US. In Minecraft, my usual occupation would be mining. o: But, I'm pretty good at setting up machines and the like. I'd like to join your server cause it has a lot of the mods I love, including Computer Craft. 

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Meh ign is Teknically, I'm 15 yrs old, I got no occupation but I do make a lot of machines, I'm from the USA! yeah Murica! And I would really like to play with other people to see how they automate things or see how their contraptions works

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-Your mc name: Cameron2621
-Your age: 16
- What your main occupation is in minecraft: To play some Modded SMP with some freinds without the worry of being greifed
- Which country your from: United States
-Why you would like to join us: Looking for a place to play without having the worry of being greifed

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