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Redstone Energy Conduit infinite energy bug

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I am constantly running into the situation where I am receiving infinite energy in my machines. I use a redstone energy cell to store my energy and my line of machines are connected to it by conduit pipes. I first encountered the bug when i had a pulveriser and redstone furnace on top of another pulveriser and redstone furnace. The game bugged out when I had a loop of conduits powering the 4 machines from the back. So i removed the machines on top so i  literally just had a line of machines powered by a line of conduits connected to a redstone energy cell, this worked fine. However, I then removed the conduit pipe connecting to the redstone energy cell and .....again the machines never drained of energy, and neither did the redstone energy cell. The energy is coming from literally nowhere.


What is with this? No matter what i do i always end up with infinite energy and it's ruining that part of the game :/

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Conduits do store a certain amount of RF when operating, so it will take a few ticks to fill them at first, and also to drain them when the power source is turned off. Energy stored seems to be per piece of Conduit, so long pipes may contain quite a bit.

Follow HeatHunter's advice and build a Multimeter if you're curious about details.

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