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Fossil/Archeology Mod Change

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The new version of the Fossils/Archeology Revival mod is here. I think that the Fossils/Archeology Reported mod should be replaced. The revival version is in 1.6 now so it can work with the rest of the mod pack now. It was in 1.5 so they had to go with the Reported version. Revival is less buggy and has more features like a new villager and many more Dino's.

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It does not have less bugs, many of the bugs I fixed for Re-Ported are still present in Revival. I'm currently working with the devs of Revival to get these bugs worked out so we can start using it.  I also added some issues to Re-Ported that makes World of Dinos work properly, so I'll need to do the same here.



Above quote from the 1.0.12a thread. CanVox's post is @

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