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How can I add and remove some mods to create my own version of Attack of the B-Team?


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When I first downloaded and played Attack of the B-Team, it was awesome, I'll give you guys that. Just really two problems: I could never find a suitable biome, since there are so many, and LAG. There are some mods I wanted to delete to make the game run smoother and remove those crap-ton of biomes (no offense). Could someone help me with removing those mods and making the edited modpack work? (I've tried it before, had to redownload Technic Launcher twice.)


The mods I would like to remove:



Biomes O' Plenty




World of Dinos


Thanks for any contributions. :D

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If you navigate to the folder that Attack of the B-Team is installed in (by default, C:/Users/*your username*/AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-b-team) you can open the 'mods' folder and delete the files from there.

Also, you can install optifine to reduce lag.

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