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Hey guys, I am trying to make a Modpack but it's not working, I was wondering if someone who know how to make Modpacks Help me... I have a List of mods, and i want them all, if u can upgrade the modpack with simple mods (No Heavy Mods).


- Mods List 1.6.4


-ThaumCraft 4.1
-ArsMagica 2 
-Dr. Cyanos Wonderfull Wands
-Lucky Block
-Nature Reborn
-Weather and Tornadoes
-Tinkers Construct
-Falling Meteors
-Pet Bat
-Enchanting Plus
-Forestry (and every NEI plugins)
-Iron Chests
-Extra Bees
-Carpenter's Blocks 
-Backpacks Mod
-Inventory Tweaks 

-Damage Indicators



I hope someone makes me the Modpack, If u are doing it make sure to say it in chat! When it's done tell me the Modpack name!

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