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Computer sabotaged


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I have a suspicion my custom built computer has been sabotaged by the manufacturer. If anyone knows how to destroy the coding placed there, I would be grateful. I know it's sabotage. The fan was glued in with a cheap glue, assuring that it fell out, and forced us to break the warranty seal. Then I looked at the error and there is automatic failure software in the code. Please, I have no charge left on my kindle (edit:found charger), and must finish here. Please help me win my computer back from an angry, evil, corrupt, money crazed tech geek. Thanks.

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There should be a box with two pills hidden under the fan.


A red one and a blue one.


You know what to do.


Good luck.


(Seriously though, what on earth are you talking about? If you have any suspicions about the trustworthiness of the source of your new computer, just re-install your OS and boot-loader. Unless you think you're dealing with a BIOS rootkit or some such crazyness.)

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He told me to NEVER touch the boot discs. That's my evidence. If it's that easy, then it really is a scam, and....

I'm a go speak to TSA. That should shake up that foul little milk-drinker.

Edit: spoke to a professional. Turns out I'm right.





I think we can say this topic is closed.

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