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This is my first modpack released in the Technic Launcher, but not the first one I made.

I started modpacking in 1.2.5 with modpacks and some servers too. I made modpacks for some private and public servers too.

This is one of the largest 1.6.4 ModPack that can be found with its 214 mod.

It is techmod based, so magic mods are limited.

You can start with Thinkers' Construct, expand your factories with Mekanism and maximize your productions with Rotarycraft. The modpack not lacks the old glories: IC2, Buildcraft, Forestry, Soul Shards 2, ect.

Explore the great underground dungeons, ride chocobos, research from pearl oysters in the oceans and get lost in the ages of Myst. Take advantage of the new, purple Enderforest biome (yes, that liquid can become enderpearls). Check also the villages, you may find some surprises. The only limit is your fantasy.

Last but not least the modpack server, downloadable in my blog http://zortag.blogspot.it

It comes with MCPC+, Essentials and World Edit plugins pre-installed and BukkitGUI as server console. All info are in the blog page.

Do not expect to play my Modpack on underpowered computers or servers. 64bits are imperative.

The client needs at least 4GB of RAM and 256 mb PermGen. It not like much LAN play, but it could be the looming obsolescence on my computer. Server needs 2,5GB only to be loaded and 256MB PermGen. I think it needs at least 32GB of RAM and 256MB PermGen to be usable for 20/30 users.

Contact me for a private Modpack (I can ask for a small token, depending on the request, electricity and internet connection cost me).

All my modpacks come with the modlist, if any buglist and tips for avoiding them, changelog, hardware limitations, necessary configurations and everything that can be useful to have the best experience with it. Just check out his page on my blog.




ZCraft Modpack Technic link:




ZCraft Server download link:



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I'm actually deep testing the pack server in multiplayer on my local computer, if anyone have access to a powerfull server pls contact me to move my testing (i know some resource critical machine or emplant to stress the server)

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