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Issue with Extra Cells

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once again.... issue was resolved by changing extra cells ids/... however i do not know the real cause behind it as it does not list why extra cells suddenly "acts up" when i add emeraldmod even though emeraldmod has no ids NEAR 4000 (they are below 600) yet when i add it it trips something up....


if anyone might know why and can let me know so i can better understand it. id be very appreciated...

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It would easier for us to follow if you didn't edit out your initial question. It's fine to update if it has been resolved, but it's hard to follow you if you delete the problem description.


ID conflicts are not to be trifled with and inserting another block-adding mod is not trivial with already over 100 included in the Tekkit pack. There are ID conflict resolver tools out there, but they may behave strangely when used on a large pack like Tekkit, and I have heard people advise against using them.

I believe you can get a complete ID dump through NEI, so you can check in the export file for free ranges to use. I also once heard that the higher ID ranges above a certain number are not placeable in world, so they only work for non-block entities (e.g. things like tools and armor). Also observe that there are sub-IDs.


It's a complex topic. Maybe somebody with more in-depth knowledge than me can weigh in.

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