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Dwarf fortress update


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Woo, dwarf fortress has finally updated! 2 years since the last release, and it's a big one.



If you don't know, dwarf fortress is an ascii graphics single player fort simulation game with a whole lot of procedural generation. It generates a highly detailed world, then goes on to create the civilizations that populate it and simulate their interaction across time. Previous to this update that was only done during worldgen, but now it happens all the time.


Gameplay is a fort sim. You designate what should happen and your dwarves all go off to do work based on assigned jobs. Mine, build, farm, ranch, forge, craft, and fight, along with a very good set of traps and other mechanics such as floodgates and bridges.

There is also an adventure mode where you can go off to explore the whole world, meeting any of the thousands of inhabitants and killing em all.

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Mmm. Fresh elves to be slaughtered. I'll have to do the same.



Also, you forgot to mention some of the better features for those who don't know about DF. Such as: (via tvtropes)


  • In previous versions, champion wrestlers could be terrifying, capable of punching a charging knight's warhorse out from underneath him, hard enough to punt the animal back 40 feet and have it explode into gristle on impact. The 6-foot-tall, heavily armored, highly trained knight will then rapidly find all his limbs snapped by a short, blood-and-vomit-encrusted psychopath, leaving him crippled and helpless whilst being slowly stomped to death through the protection his armor still offers against normal attack.
  • Mad Artist: Every now and then, one of your dwarves will be so stricken with inspiration for an artifact that he'll simply drop what he's doing, take over a workshop, and demand items to work with. Success produces an awesome and valuable artifact and may promote the Artist to Legendary in the appropriate skill. Failure results in the dwarf either throwing away their clothes while running around babbling madly until they starve to death, being Driven to Suicide, or going completely Ax-Crazy.
    • In fact, depending on the Mood that takes them, some of them laugh maniacally, grab other dwarves, drag them into a workshop, murder them and make their corpses into stuff.
    • One particularly memorable result: Planepackedexternal_link.gif, a statue with the entire history of the world written on it. Including 73 pictures of itself.
    • The LP of Headshootsexternal_link.gif featured a dwarf struck by inspiration while lame. He would try to crawl to a workshop, but dwarves tasked with tending to the wounded automatically dragged him back. This happened for long enough that he went insane and committed suicide.
  • Worst Aid: Training a new medic will involve a lot of incidental malpractice. One notorious misdiagnosis by a skill-less dwarven idiot led to a minor cut on the arm being misdiagnosed as rotting lungs which were then removed surgically. "Oh. They weren't rotting after all. Let's take a moment of silence for Urist McLearningExperience."
  • (By tweaking the text files)... you can modify chickens so that, instead of laying eggs, they lay live beesDwarf Fortress: crimes against nature simulator.
  • Improvised Weapon: Dwarves can actually forget to grab a weapon when going into battle, leading them to do battle with whatever they have at hand, whether it be rocks, helmets, backpacks, babies....
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: The Game. There are endless examples but for now we'll just leave you with this threadexternal_link.gif, a debate about how best to traumatize dwarves into becoming resistant to tantrum spirals. The agreed upon solution? Drop puppies on them. From the ceiling. While they're eating. Until they just. Don't. Care anymore.
    • Let's put it this way: the only limit to the number of different death/torture traps you can build is your capability to make the subject X and the object Y collide at high speed. And then some.
    • One of the accepted ways to grind wrestling is to choke an enemy unconscious before breaking every single bone in their body with various grabs, throws, breaks and pulls. The end result is usually an unstable biomass vaguely resembling what it used to be, either for Wrestle Dwarves in Fortress or Wrestle Adventurers in Adventure mode.
    • A way to try and make super soldiers (or any useful Fortress-bred dwarves at all), known simply as "Dwarven Daycare", is to lock a baby in a tiny room with a bunch of dogs. Before soon the dogs will grow aggressive because of overcrowding, and the child will be forced to defend itself. A steady supply of dogs is ensured. This is repeated until the child matures into an adult at age 12. An upgraded approach includes precisely burning the child's subcutaneous fat off its body, making it fireproof.

(The Fortress of Boatmurdered takes no responsibility for fatal immolation caused by its magma exports. Magma is used at your own risk and the risk of everyone around you. Do not taunt magma unless you have modded in bauxite clothing.)

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Unless I've missed something in the last 3 years, the dfhack guys dropped that after MC moved to the anvil world save structure. They couldn't get it to convert nicely so they just gave up and focused on actual DF useful things.



Though it really wouldn't be that hard to resurrect the idea. With a forge or even just a bukkit plugin it would be possible to restructure a section of a live map without having to convert directly to a save file like those guys were doing. And DFhack has come a long way since then, offering lua scripting and a nice API for real plugins.

Could do it real time by exposing the DF world to a networking stack and create a bukkit plugin it connect to it and read out block data one by one. Or have an exporter for DF that spits out a plain text map of the world, and a bukkit interpreter to read it in.

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