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Launch Error with Tekkit Main and Most Other Modpacks


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Recently the technic launcher has not been working for me. Whenever I try to play almost every modpack, it will either simply not start up, or it will enter the fml loading screen and then crash after giving me a fatal fml error message.  I have not been able to locate the source of the problem and I need some help with this. Not sure if its relevant, but the only two modpacks that don't seem to have the problem is tekkit classic and yogbox.

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maybe you can post the logfiles of the launcher, (or a copy of the console output after the crash)


how much ram did you assign to tekkit? (if less than 2 GB set it to 2GB and try again)

what Version of Java are you using? (also 32 or 64bit?)


also theres a tracker for those Problems ;) (follow the guidelines for posting to the tracker)



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