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Yellowrite Ore Glitch


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It's not really a bug per say....  Yellorium and uranium are both interchangeable in the ore dictionary.  Cook yellorium in an oven, it becomes uranium,  pulverize it, and you get two yellowium dust.  cooking either yellorium dust or yellow cake, in an over, gets you yellorium ingots.  you can also run your uranium through a pulverizer to get yellorium dust.  You get more dust from the ores though, but at least it's a way to use Atomic Science uranium in your big reactor, and/or a different way to get Atomic Science uranium.

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In the ore dictionary they're interchangeable, like jakalth said. You can use an MFR Unifier to turn one into another (you don't need energy to do this) as one is poisonous and the other isn't.

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