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Trusted Transaction mod


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This would be a way for players to trade without requiring them to trust each other.


Transactions would take the form of contracts, pre-negotiated agreements between a number of parties consisting of a set of terms agreed upon by all. They could be initiated by players or computer peripherals, and would require the agreement of all parties (or a "judge" might be able to overrule this).


Contracts could require item transfer. A "simple mode" contract (for servers that allow teleportation between players) would exchange all items immediately once the deal is set, whereas a "realistic mode" contract would require a package item/minecart/block/something else to be transferred to the new owner of the items before they can access their new items (before then, items may be retrieved by their original owner if the transportation fails).


Contracts could also cause a chat command to be ran by some of the parties. A computer could be authorized by a player to run commands or sign contracts on their behalf. By including chat commands, contracts would enable paying for a wide variety of Bukkit plugins' functionality, like selling items for Bukkit money or paying someone to transfer their land claim to you.

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