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[HELP!] slotChanging(0) Spam in Server Console.

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So for the last 10 or so days, my server console has been spamming slotChanging(0) over and over again right on start up. The flood of those messages/spams are constant that it makes it to where I can't even see normal logs, like "<Player> joined the game.". I want this fixed. I've tried numerous things and its starting to get on my nerves. If anyone knows a solution, feel free to reply!



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I'm getting this issue too. I've perused the forums, and there are links to a supposed fix, but the links DON'T WORK ANYMORE. Here's what it looks like on mine, the slotchanging spam begins incrementing up gradually.

15:23:14 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:23:37 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:24:01 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:24:25 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:24:50 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:01 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:06 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:12 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:18 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:24 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:30 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:36 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:42 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:48 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:25:54 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:00 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:06 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:12 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:18 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:24 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:30 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:36 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:43 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:49 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:26:54 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:27:00 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:27:06 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:27:12 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:27:18 [INFO] slotChanging(26)
15:27:24 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:27:30 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:27:36 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:27:42 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:27:49 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:27:54 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:00 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:06 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:12 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:18 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:24 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:30 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:36 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:42 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:48 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:54 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:28:59 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:06 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:12 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:18 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:24 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:30 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:36 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:42 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:47 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:53 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:29:59 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:30:06 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:30:12 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:30:18 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:30:24 [INFO] slotChanging(27)
15:30:30 [INFO] slotChanging(27)

This is very frustrating and after so long it causes so much lag that the server becomes unresponsive.

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