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solar panels... (The most incomprehensible bug report ever)


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solar panels and fermenters no working on servers

i would like to know of any solutions to fix the problem or bug on the server

I may as well just say up-front that it'd be nice if you could provide more information about this. Firstly, make sure you aren't cabling your solar panels too far away from your machinery. IndustrialCraft cables are not 100% efficient, so the more distance they have to travel, the less electricity they have, to the point of having no electricity after a while. To test, put a machine next to a cable near the solar panels. If it receives electricity, you gotta move your circuitry closer together.

Secondly, for IndustrialCraft, make sure your cables plugged in your Bat-Box or whatever thingy right. A Bat-Box has a specific side which is indicated with a slightly different texture. This side acts as the output. If your cable is in the output, you won't be able to give the Bat-Box electricity.

Thirdly, while I'm not sure about it, make sure you're using the right technology with the right technology. Meaning, there's two different solar panels, one from IndustrialCraft, and one in RedPower. Make sure you're using the right stuff with them.

There's more information that I could give, but it'd be nice if you could give details, such as following the format that's here.

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