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Very annoying Waterfall sounds


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So I broke some of the blocks under the sea (MP) and this massive annoying waterfall sound started up. Is there any option to turn this audio off ? I have looked around and mod should be : Weather Mod what makes particles and massive waterfall sound. There is no way to turn this off under mod files as everything is .class type and those I just can't edit. I like playing with sound on, so please help me turn this thing off.

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You don't edit the mod jar, you edit the config file for the mod in the config folder. And no I dont recall which file for the weathermod would have this setting if it was available.


Yep got it thank you so much. 


Those who want to turn this off close client and go: 


Open: Wind.cfg in notepad or notepad++


Find line: B:Wind_Particle_waterfall=true

and change it:



Save it. Open client.


That will fix the issue in your client side.


Server owners can disable this by server side same way as editing this file.

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