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Looking to join a server

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Hey Guys :)


I'm a 29 year old female. From Germany but living in Malta (tiny Island in the south of Italy)


I've been playing Minecraft since about a year and Attack of the B-team for about 3 month.


I'm looking to join a mature server with cool and funny people with the age of 20+


Hope to hear from you :)

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I'm a forum moderator. I'm going to explain why this thread is bad.


First of: this thread is for people to post their servers. This is lazy and stupid.

Like shouting in a library: WHERE R UR BOOKS???


Secondly: this is a introduction thread. We don't need those here, unless a server owner asks for it you don't need to post an introduction post.


What you are going to do now: go look for a server.


What other users are NOT going to post here: their servers.

If I find any server owners posting here, I'm gonna bonk them with the hammer. Don't indulge rule breakers!

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