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Bug with Origin Grass


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Hello. While playing attack of the B-team, I've found an... interesting bug to do with Biomes o' Plenty. Specifically, the origin grass from the origin valley biome. This bug is anything but negative, but a bug nevertheless. I'm able to place literally any plant on origin grass. Now, you may be thinking "what is so buggy about that?" Well, those plants include sugar cane and cactus. For cactus, this isn't that big of a deal; the same rules apply. However, for sugarcane, it doesn't have to be anywhere close to water, meaning you can make a huge field of sugar cane. I admit, I do abuse this glitch for my sugar cane farm (who honestly wouldn't?), but I do think that this needs to be fixed.
This may just be a problem with Biomes o' Plenty, but it may also just be a problem with the modpack. I just think it'd be a good idea to report this here.

- *a wild Dalek stole signed name!* *Exterminate!*

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