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  1. 1. Do you like my suggestions for the mods?

    • Yes, and i would like to have these mods added to AOTB
    • No, i wouldn't like this for the mod pack and they are bad

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I have a Few Mods i'd like to suggest for the mod pack of attack of the b-team! (i will put the reason i want the mod after i say the name of the mod) and they are : Dynamic Transport mod, because i would like to make elevators that are smooth, and don't teleport you, the second mod is Animated Players Mod, and this mod is here because i would like to have animated players everywhere and i just think it would look amazing with all the other mods. 

                        Please Vote in the Poll  :kakashi:  :thumbsup:

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Dynamic transport does not run nicely on servers, so no (so much jumpy due to server having to update with it, and its just a lag producer in larger builds/large player counts using it)


Animated players? Nah, not necessary, add it yourself if you want, but its just a cosmetic thing that doesnt really help the modpack out a lot, and would be a preferential thing.

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Also, just a quick look at the thread for Animated Player:

Q: Can I make a modpack with your mod inside?

A: If it's a private modpack, go ahead. Please don't use this in public modpacks and don't PM me asking for permission.


So, yeah.

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