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Pulverizer not powering?


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So I just started playing Technic (or Tekkit. Whatever!) the other day, and I'm pretty new and nooby at it. And I have a few questions!

First off, I need a Pulverizer so I can make Electrum Ingots. How do I power it? I've tried all the engines, but none of them work. And I don't have anything else. That's my big question! Any help, or work-arounds would be a big help!!

Also, a few basic questions. I would like a crafting table that keeps the items in it ,even after leaving. Is there an item for this?

Easiet power source besides engines?

Thanks! BTW, I don't know what version I'm using, but I just downloaded it from the launcher yesterday. And I am using normal Tekkit, not Technic Lite, or Technic Classic.

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Welcome to Tekkit. For guys like you, I wrote >this. Enjoy!


The crafting table that keeps its recipes stored is called a Machinist's Workbench, although I think the Buildcraft Auto Workbench and the Project Bench can do the job as well.

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