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Unable to even begin start up


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So i was playing with my friend, then i went for dinner, came back and tried to start the launcher up, the launcher began to start up which was fine. however after clicking on the " big dig" game and attempting to start that it woukd suddenly stop a few seconds in and revert as if i had never pressed the play button, assuming this was nothing i couldnt fix, i decided to reset the pack as i had installed a texture pack and assumed that had bugged it out. Now the problem remains that while attempting to reset the pack; this appears


 " an error occurred while attempting to delete 'C:Users/User/Appdata/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/bigdig/mods/AdditionalPipes2.3.0-BC3.5.3jar' from the caches" 


so now im pretty much stuck due too tampering with things i barely understand, would be very greatfull if someone knwos how to get me out of this mess 

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