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Tekkit problems


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Hey im new to tekkit lite an just have a couple of questions.


Is there a way to connect a waterproof pipe (for cooling) and an waterproof pipe (for fuel/oil) to the same combustion engine? 


also i seem to be getting allot of power build up in the first section of pipe. is there a correct way to lay pipes to allow multiple machines to run of a engine?



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  • Combustion engines have decent power output (6 MJ/t) but have a propensity to explode. Thermal Expansion's engines (Steam, Magmatic) will never explode, although they can "lock up" if run for too long with no drain of power. Thermal Expansion's engines also have no cycle time since they don't have to cool off before restarting.
  • Thermal Expansion provides a Redstone Energy Cell which can store MJ (Buildcraft Energy). This can allow you to build a mechanism which only runs the combustion engines when there is a significant amount of work to be done while always keeping power available for your machines.
  • Buildcraft wooden conductive pipes ALWAYS extract power and cannot be turned off. Buildcraft conductive pipes will explode if too much power builds up inside them. Thermal Expansion Redstone Energy Conduits never explode and only pull power when something needs it. They are more expensive/challenging to make than conductive pipes, but they are superior in every way. One of your first goals should be to get a system set up to make Redstone Energy Conduits.
  • Keep in mind that you can use Power Converters to convert from one kind of power to another. This would let you make IC2 energy (EU) and convert it to MJ to run your Buildcraft or Thermal Expansion machines.
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You can use a biogas engine with biomass and water.You can also use electrical engine so you dont have to worry putting water and biomass in it.It just needs energy from IC2.You can install a mod called mechanism and then you can make a wind turbine wich gives lots of energy to IC2 and buildcraft.

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