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Server update guide needed

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Hey All


Im all new here, though I have been playing tekkit for some time now.



Since the 1.2.9e update have been made recommended, I have updated my server. It all works and I got my world back.


But my pinpoints is gone. I had a few like "Home" "factory" "Quary 1" and so on. 


Which files holds these ?


And in general, If there is a guide like "how to update your tekkit server" I would love to have it.


Thanks on advance :D



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If by "pinpoints", you mean your map waypoints, those are saved client-side, as the minimap is a client-only mod and technically not part of the server. They're saved in your modpack folder in ..tekkitmainmodsrei_minimap as *.points files and their names are both server-specific and dimension-specific. So, for example, if my server's IP was, the waypoints file for the Overworld (dimension 0) would be called


The fact that it's all client-side makes me wonder why you lost them in the first place. Did your server IP change? In that case, you have to rename the various pointfiles accordingly. If you installed the new client in a different folder, just copy over the files from the old client.

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