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Dedicated server launcher fails to load modpacks correctly, Ubuntu


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Hi there!


I do not believe that this would fit in the Bug Tracker, as i hope there is a simply solution, this kind of failure would suprise me to be a bug.


The problem:

I have created a Ubuntu Server 14.04.1, completely fresh, and installed the tekkit lite server in my /home/, i will start it, and it will run wihtout lag, perfectly with many users, but i fails to load any of the mods, as pressing "C" for the waypoint makes you disconnect the server, you can not build any of the items provided by the mods, what so ever, and there's no traces of the ores dedicated to this mod, and i can't seem to find a solution.


I have tested this under both openjdk-7-jre and oracle-7.1.0_65 Jave versions, restarting, and reinstalling, of the Tekkit Lite Minecraft Server. The system i build in a Dual Core Intel 4Gb RAM, and as said, brand new installed Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 LTS


Have i missed a configuration or is this really a bug?

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