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Help with rifts


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Hello guys ;)


I'm playing Tekkit since last week and I'm enjoying it soooo much but today I faced a problem. I've found a rift (a black cloud) and I read that using it you can go to other dimensions. The problem is that, as long as I've read, I need a dimensional door and to craft this item I need world thread. According to the wiki this items spawns inside dimensional dungeons so... what can I do?


Hope you can help me with this because this look sooo cool.


Thank you in advance guys ;)

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Explore the world until you come across small structures consisting of two 2-block high stone pillars atop a small stone brick platform. They're not too hard to find. Look through the pillars from east to west (or the other way round, can't remember exactly) and you'll see some sort of dimensional portal. Enter it and you'll be transported to a natural pocket dimension or dimensional dungeon where you can loot chests for the various dimensional-related stuff such as world thread, unstable fabric and whatnot.


As for everything else you need to know about those dimensions (going up and down dimensional layers, dying in dimensions, The Limbo etc.), the wiki is your friend.

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Some of those natural portals are unstable until you put an actual dimensional door on it. Just go exploring and find another one. I think the default chance for one to be generated is 1/30 per chunk, so it really shouldn't be too hard to find some more.

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If you enter a Dimensional Dungeon, it helps if you immediately turn around and go back again, then enter a second time. This will create a Warp Door, through which you can enter again later. Unless I overlooked something, this will effectively turn all those one-way doors into two-way variants.


You can farm world thread if you manage to create two Rifts close to each other. But be warned, this will cause lots of Endermen to spawn and also endanger the stability of your world. Both ingame and concerning world file integrity. Better have a Rift Remover ready to dispel that stuff in case it gets out of hand.

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